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How Badly Do You Want Success?


Take a moment to contemplate this question.

Do you want success:

  • more than your desire to stay in your comfort zone?
  • more than your desire to be liked by others?
  • more than making people feel comfortable with their standard of average?
  • more than sleep or watching television?

I mean how badly do you really want this thing called success?

Here is a secret.  Your success will only come in response to the amount of work you are willing to put in. If you just “kind of want it” (weekdays from 9-5 with breaks for lunch); you will only be “kind of successful”.

Constantly telling your friends or posting on social media what you are “going to do someday” most definitely is not an all inclusive plan for success.

You may be wondering, “What about prayer, affirmations and positive thinking?  Can all the motivational speakers and self help books be wrong?”

As as motivational speaker myself, I certainly hope not.  However, even the Bible says “faith without works is dead”.  So there goes the “as a man thinketh” approach to achieving success.

Don’t get me wrong, positive attitude is a MUST.  No one achieves success without extreme self-confidence and encouragement from a mentor or a team of supporters.  But once you see the vision, believe it to be your destiny; you have to be willing to WORK YOUR BUTT OFF to realize your destiny.

If success is all you can think about, all your heart beats for; and working for it causes you to lose track of time; achieving success is a mere formality limited only by time.

You may notice that I didn’t define success for you in this post.

Well my friend, you’ve got to do that for yourself.

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