About Galen Bingham


Unlike many leadership speakers, Galen has sat in your seat.  As a leader in scan0002Fortune 50 corporations, as an advisor to Senior Executives and as a retail small business owner; Galen knows the challenge of creating longterm value while insuring short-term cashflow.

Galen’s 25-year battle-tested career, equips him to solve problems in leadership, corporate sales, strategic marketing and personal excellence. He has led sales organizations and advised over six hundred fifty CEOs, corporate executives and non-profit leaders. After earning a BS degree in Business Administration from Southern Nazarene University and a MBA degree from Rice University, he went on to lead successful sales and marketing campaigns for Imperial Sugar, Kraft Foods and Coca-Cola. In 2015 Galen authored two leadership books, both available on Amazon.com. In 2016, Galen became a fan favorite on the Toronto-based “The Dr. Vibe Show TM”. He has since joined the weekly cast of the “Do You Know What Time It Is?” live-streaming podcast.

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