Leadership Residue: A Leadership Fable

Does your leadership matter? Do your late hours make a difference? OLR Coverr, are you easily replaceable in your followers’ hearts and minds?

This motivational leadership fable reveals not only how to be a quality leader but also how to find your way back “home” to values you may have forgotten on your path to success.
As senior vice president of Whizz Bang Tech Solutions, Dorothy is quickly becoming known as a bulldozer manager. With a big payday looming large, Dorothy demands that her team clear up technical problems threatening the sale-or else.

As the dust settles on her recent explosion, Dorothy can’t shake the memories of the leader she originally set out to be. But is it too late? And is it even possible to change?

Rather than present a typical list of the top ten ways to be a better leader, Galen Bingham tells a story, shares tools and compiles real life examples from business executives, educators and non-profit leaders to reveal how your leadership can matter to others-even after you are gone.

Whether leading thousands in corporate America, influencing dedicated non-profit volunteers, or excelling as an individual contributor; have confidence that your efforts matter. Have confidence that you are leaving a positive residue for years to come.

Click here to preview or purchase this book via Amazon.com.

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