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Calling All Leaders!

Apathy Is On the Rise! Employee Engagement at All-time Low! Today's Workers Lack Innovation! Headlines like these cause concern for those in leadership who are accountable to shareholders, investors, founders or consumers to deliver improved ....results, quality, performance or anything that relies on people for success.  Every business, non-profit agency and educational institution is learning that… Continue reading Calling All Leaders!

Know Who You Are.

It’s Only a Broken Yolk.

While working in Atlanta in 2013, I stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn. The free cook to order breakfast is hard to resist.  While in line, I searched for the list of ingredients to request for my omelet (sometimes I feel like all veggies; sometimes just mushroom and cheese).  The guest before me returned to… Continue reading It’s Only a Broken Yolk.

Know Who You Are., Lead Authentically

Return on Potential

Look around and answer this question.  Are you living up to your maximized potential, or are you coasting on natural abilities? There is a difference.  I believe God gives each of us natural abilities; some sort of specialness that only we have.  But he does not expect that to be the end of the story.… Continue reading Return on Potential


7 Lessons I Have Learned for Creating Positive Leadership Residue.

Leadership Residue is the memory of a leader that lingers in the hearts and minds of followers.  This is the influence over behavior that remains after the leader is gone. Leadership author and speaker John Maxwell, motivational speaker Eric Thomas; and sales author Jeff Gitomer came together at the Billionaire Thoughts Conference in St. Charles,… Continue reading 7 Lessons I Have Learned for Creating Positive Leadership Residue.


Rise and Grind~Greatest Motivational Video ft Eric Thomas

This video accelerated my quest to understand motivation. Why are some willing to do whatever it takes to be great; while others get to 98% of their goal and then begin working on their excuse. Eric’s plain talk explains what it takes to capture that elusive 2% and discover an extra 20% that you did not know existed.

Do you have a WHY? Does your WHY wake you up every morning? Finding your WHY is simple; but its not easy. The keys are clarity and conviction. Join us on the journey.

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It’s Your “Why”!

In 2010 a friend shared a video that changed my view of the role of leaders.  In his landmark Ted Talk, Simon Sinek explained that great leaders inspire action by communicating their "why"(   Like you, I have been frustrated by command and control managers who suck the joy out of work.  I have also felt the empowerment of… Continue reading It’s Your “Why”!