What are you afraid of?

Most of us know what is required to: Earn the promotion Start the business Write the book Lose the weight Stop the bad habit We rarely lack access to information.  Often, we are just afraid. Some fear the disappointment of failure.  Some fear the embarrassment of asking for help.  Some fear the responsibility of success.… Continue reading What are you afraid of?

Lead Authentically

Do You Have the Heart of a Leader?

Leaders of this brand have now problem attracting followers.

How We Lead

teach, inspire, motivate  - a collage of isolated words in vintaI’ve worked with thousands of leaders over the years and the most successful ones achieve results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the well-being of everyone involved. Many companies put pressure on leaders to reach or surpass goals at any cost. But wise companies realize that leaders who can achieve results by creating a motivating work environment are the leaders who will sustain future success.

What’s the secret behind this kind of leader? I think truly effective leadership begins on the inside—with your heart. Leading from your heart is about leadership character and intention, which form the backbone of servant leadership. As a leader, you must ask yourself why you lead. Is it to serve or to be served? Answering this question in a truthful way is so important. You can’t fake being a servant leader. I believe that if leaders don’t get the heart right, they simply…

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Calling All Leaders!

Apathy Is On the Rise! Employee Engagement at All-time Low! Today's Workers Lack Innovation! Headlines like these cause concern for those in leadership who are accountable to shareholders, investors, founders or consumers to deliver improved ....results, quality, performance or anything that relies on people for success.  Every business, non-profit agency and educational institution is learning that… Continue reading Calling All Leaders!

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It’s Your “Why”!

In 2010 a friend shared a video that changed my view of the role of leaders.  In his landmark Ted Talk, Simon Sinek explained that great leaders inspire action by communicating their "why"(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp0HIF3SfI4).   Like you, I have been frustrated by command and control managers who suck the joy out of work.  I have also felt the empowerment of… Continue reading It’s Your “Why”!